Track-building in Nabalesere

The Savulelele waterfall is one of our favourite places in all of Fiji.

A short walk from Nabalesere village in Ra, the waterfall is set within an amphitheatre of high basalt cliffs and accompanied by numerous spouts of water flowing out of the rock face. It is a beautiful place, and also home to the endangered Fiji tree frog and the rare peregrine falcon.

Over the last six weeks, the village has been working hard with a team from the Ministry of Fisheries and Forests, to improve the 1.5km track between the village and the waterfall.

Following design and training support from the Department of Conservation in New Zealand, the track will be the first of its kind in Fiji. Not only will it enable visitors to reach the falls more safely, but it will reduce the eroding effect of people and horses travelling along what was previously a narrow and extremely muddy path, making visiting the waterfall more sustainable.

The track has also been crafted to take advantage of specific viewpoints and the pre-existing flora, with tree roots and balabala (tree fern) stands being incorporated to enhance the experience of visitors and help them to appreciate the beauty of Fiji’s natural environment.

Funding support for technical expertise from New Zealand, training, materials, and the building of the track have come from the GEF PAS 4 Forest and Protected Area Management Fiji Project.

The track is on target to be fully completed and officially opened in September.

Nabalesere village and their nearby waterfall can be visited on our waterfall and cave day trip or as part of our full monty five-day trip.